WordPress and Chrome Display Issues

WordPress and Chrome Display Issues


So, a few customers and one of our new websites have experienced some WordPress and Chrome Display Issues. Mainly with Java and CSS display issues within chrome.  Firefox, or any other browser seemed not be affected. After some investigation we found the issue to be with some google implementation issues of HTTP & HTTPS..

For word-press users we have listed below a download for a fix..


It seems the problems were caused due to a wrong implementation and usage of “$_SERVER[‘HTTP_HTTPS’]” either by Themes, Plugins or Even Hosting providers.

As a result  even though your WordPress is not set to use SSL and no security certificate is present all files like CSS, JavaScripts, Images even all links are set to go through HTTPS connection.

Consequently the problem occurs only on the latest Google Chrome v.44 and everything works perfectly on Firefox, Opera, Safari and evene Google Chrome version 43. Therefore any other later version of these browers should be fine.


This results in a majority of WordPress installs being broken (completely broken layout and functionality) and reported as unsafe.


The plugin unsets:

unset( $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HTTPS’] );

This ensures that the connection is always handled correctly. If this does not solve the problem, you might need to contact your hosting provider about this issue as SSL might be turned on before the WordPress even starts. Alternatively you can try the .htaccess fix or set the $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’] to ‘off’.


Finally, download this plugin using the “Download Zip” button in the right column of this GitHub page and install it via WordPress. You will most certainly have to use a different browser like FireFox, Opera or Safari to access the administration of your WordPress installation for the reason that if you already have Google Chrome 44 where it is broken and therefore inaccessible.


Click here to download Plugin Fix